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From the time of being a toddler, children are taught to brush and care for their teeth. Good oral hygiene becomes a vital part of everyday living at very early ages. Schools also play a role in oral hygiene practices by providing constant health tips from the school nurse. Children are taken to the dentist for their first of many yearly checkups before they start school. This practice continues throughout life. Often times people stop seeing their dentist as often as they should once they become adults, but dentists are necessary to help maintain all of your teeth and to alleviate any dental problems that may occur.

A dentist (learn more about our office) does more than teeth extractions and give yearly cleanings. The dentistry profession includes a myriad of procedures and practices. Seeing a dentist could involve issues with the teeth, gums, sinuses, and illnesses caused by infected teeth. Dentistry and good oral health are important to maintain that beautiful smile and keeping the jawline and facial structure properly aligned. Oral surgery is also an essential part of dentistry. Many people have teeth that need to be straightened, with surgery, or diseased gums that need to be surgically treated. A dentist is much more than a provider of dentures, and implants. They are the ones who know your mouth much better than you do.

Dentistry also includes emergency services. Many accidents have left people with damage to the mouth and teeth. Dentists are on call for hospital coverage the same as a general practitioner. They are not exempt from being available when needed any hour of the day or night. Many colleges and universities are preparing medical students to enter into the field of dentistry. There is a large amount of prestige and honor associated with being in dentistry. You could learn from your dentist that you have a heart condition. When you go to the dentist with jawbone pain, it could very well be a signal that you need to seek further medical attention. Trust your dentist to be able to inform you if there are other things going on besides a loose tooth.

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