Can dentures be repaired?

Many times, dentures need to be repaired. The material that dentures are made of can wear out in time or erode. Dentures fracture especially if they have been in use for a long time.

Some Common Breakages and Fractures

A poor fit will make your dentures break. When you bite down or chew, your dentures are using force and that can cause small fractures in the material. If your top and bottom dentures do not align properly, you are most likely putting uneven pressure on both sets. This is when large breaks occur. You may find a crack before it breaks, to let you know that it is time for some repairs.

If you drop your partial or full dentures you may be causing impact fractures. An impacted fracture can break a tooth, many teeth or even the pink gum line. If you drop a partial denture you could damage the metal clasps.

Time Factors

If you have had your dentures for a long time, then they are most likely worn and thin. Worn teeth in your dentures can make you chew differently which will cause poor distribution of pressure. A bad fit can cause harm to your gums and bones.

Denture Repair

Relining your dentures is also a part of repairing them. If your dentures are loose then, relining them will help to make sure the gums and bone structure are protected. Dentures become loose because of shrinkage of the gums and that’s what makes your dentures fit improperly.

It happens over time and your dentist can fix that problem easily. Reliving or basing your dentures can be done right in the dentist's office. If your dentures need more extensive work, then your dentures may need to be sent out to a laboratory.

Acrylic resin is the material used to make partials and full dentures. It is durable, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and most importantly, repairable. The acrylic can be bonded to a fractured or broken area to fix the dentures. Extra acrylic can be added to dentures to reinforce them to make them sturdy or to make them fit better in the mouth. Learn more about the history of dentures, and see how far denture technology has come.

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