DIY Teeth Whitening Methods

Nobody likes yellow teeth, over time plaque can build up on your teeth, causing your teeth to have an unappealing yellow tint to them. Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, every day, your teeth can still yellow. Fortunately, there are some solutions out there to help deal with this problem and to help you continue to keep your teeth white for years to come.

One of the oldest, most natural methods of whitening your teeth involves a process referred to as oil pulling. This is originally an Indian tradition, but it has been used across the world to help maintain good oral hygiene for countless years. The oil pulling method involves taking oil and swishing it around in your mouth, which helps kill the bacteria. For this process, you can use any type of oil, but coconut oil is the most popular oil of choice. Doing this process will not only help whiten your teeth, but it will also help prevent diseases like gingivitis.

Oil pulling is a great traditional method for whitening your teeth and maintaining your oral health, but what about something a bit more conventional? Another great method for whitening your teeth involves baking soda. All you need to do is switch out your regular toothpaste brand with baking soda and brush away. Baking Soda is naturally abrasive, so it will help scrub away any particulars or plaque that happens to be on your teeth. Baking soda also helps to kill bacteria in your mouth. Although baking soda is not going to whiten your teeth overnight, if you are persistent and diligent with this method it is sure to make your teeth look sparklingly white, and keep them that way.

Another great method for whitening your teeth involves hydrogen peroxide, just simply washing your mouth with this product will kill off any bacteria present. This is why hydrogen peroxide has been so popular for the treatment of wounds.

There are quite a few different options available to those who are looking to whiten their teeth, from traditional methods to more conventional ones, if you want to whiten your teeth you have many great options.

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