Types of dental emergencies

Abscessed Teeth and Dental Infections

Individuals who have an abscessed tooth are usually in a lot of pain with an infection at the tooth’s root. It is usually caused by the decaying of the tooth. Abscesses are also caused by broken or chipped teeth, gingivitis, trauma to a tooth or teeth, and gum diseases.

If germs go into the center of the tooth it causes an infection. It can be done by trauma to the tooth or by developing gum disease. Infections also may spread down to the bone from the root of the tooth. If an abscessed tooth is left untreated the individual will suffer great pain and could lose a tooth or teeth and end up with a major emergency.

Broken, Loose, or Knocked-Out Teeth

A broken tooth can happen for many different reasons. If you experience a broken tooth it could lead to severe pain, swelling, infection and an emergency if untreated. If a tooth is broken due to a sports accident, then the patient should seek immediate emergency attention.

Loose Tooth

If as an adult or child, you receive a hit to your mouth, you could end up with a loose tooth or teeth. The tooth or teeth that have been involved may become crooked, loose or damage may have been done to the root that you would not be able to see. Sometimes the affected tooth or teeth get pushed into the jaw causing severe pain which would require emergency treatment. Left untreated it could cause swelling, pain, and infection.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Knocked-out teeth can sometimes be saved. If you have experienced one or more teeth being knocked out you need to stop the bleeding first by applying pressure. Gather up the tooth or teeth and seek emergency medical attention. Place the teeth in a container with milk or saline and make sure you do not touch the root. Try not to shake the container with the teeth. This would cause more trauma to the tooth or teeth. If you do not get treatment for the knocked-out teeth or tooth then it could mean a permanent loss. Emergency treatment should be received within an hour.

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