What are the most common reasons for dental emergencies?

When people think of medical emergencies, they think of meeting your doctor or going to an emergency room. While this is the most common reason for a health emergency, dental care sometimes requires some emergency services as well. Understanding why people need emergency dental services is important and can help an individual to decipher if they are facing a real emergency or something that they can wait for a standard dental appointment.

Dealing with Pain

Many people think of their dentist as a bringer of pain. That isn't true, of course, as more often than not your dentist will find solutions to the pain you are having. However, it is true that there are a lot of nerves in your mouth and your teeth and mouth will require significant care to remove the pain that you are experiencing. Many dental emergencies are a response to the pain that people are experiencing in their teeth and seeking out treatments to reduce said pain to whatever extent possible. But what causes dental pain?

Exposed Nerves

Your enamel protects your teeth from the normal wear and tear that might otherwise affect your teeth. When the enamel fades cavities can grow. When cavities grow there is a chance that they become so large that the nerves in your teeth become expose and require a root canal or filling of some kind. An exposed nerve in your tooth is ripe for pain and can require emergency dental services including a root canal or potential for a pulled tooth.

Tooth Infections

Tooth infections, left untreated, can have severe consequences including the potential for death. Many tooth infections grow undiscovered, sometimes on a dead tooth that had a root canal, and spreads throughout your mouth leading to a significant amount of pain. Tooth infections require emergency dental care to treat, remove the infection with antibodies and physically scrape out the infection.

Chipped or Injured Teeth

Some teeth become chipped or injured in an accident or fight and require emergency services to treat. A chipped or injured tooth may need to be removed and replaced, or simply treated for an injury.

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